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Alternative Protein 101: here what you should know!

Alternative protein is protein that we obtain from food other than animal derived. It can be plant based, microorganisms based, and cell cultured based. This practice is increasingly favored for several reasons, such as environment, ethical, nutrition, also taste and texture. According to Data Bridge, alternative protein will grow up to 14% in 2027, while […]

Plant Based for Low Calorie Diet?

Plant Based for Low Calories Diet?

Nowadays, world become more and more aware to the importance of health from the food consumption. People is glorifying the trend of healthy lifestyle, but how do we know the lifestyle that we live in the moment is healthy? Does it related to the calorie we eat every day? what is calorie? Calorie is an […]

Ada Apa Dengan Bawang?

Di Indonesia, bagi sebagian vegetarian dan vegan, bawang merupakan hal yang sangat sacral untuk dikonsumsi. Banyak dari mereka yang menhindari mengonsumsi bawang di diet mereka. Tetapi sebenarnya kenapa. Bukankah bawang merupakan tumbuhan sehingga aman dikonsumsi di diet vegan atau vegetarian? Lantas, kenapa mereka begitu dibenci oleh para vegan dan vegetarian di Indonesia? Sejarah Ternyata, ini […]

Tips Mengikuti Veganuary

Kalian merencanakan untuk mengikuti “31 Day Vegan Challenge”? Tenang saja, kalian tidak sendirian! Bulan Januari merupakan bulan yang baik untuk mengawali perjalanan kalian untuk mencoba mengonsumsi makanan-makanan vegan. Pada bulan Januari, ada sebuah gerakan yang disebut dengan Veganuary. Veganuary ini adalah gerakan yang dibuat untuk memotivasi orang-orang seperti kita yang memandang rendah makanan vegan. Tujuannya […]

Veganuary: Kampanye Meningkatkan Makanan Vegan

Bagi kalian yang belum tau apa itu Veganuary, ini merupakan artikel yang paling tepat untuk kalian. Veganuary merupakan kampanye penuh selama satu bulan Januari yang bertemakan makanan vegan atau plant based. Belakangan ini, kampanye ini semakin menjadi popular dikarenakan banyak artis papan atas yang juga mengikuti kampanye ini. Berawal dari sebuah ide dari Matthew Glover […]

Initiating and Maintaining a Vegan Diet

Vegan diet has been linked with health and environmental benefits. Reduce consuming animal products is thought to be one of the ways to prevent and managing chronic disease also prolonging life. While some foods bringing concern to some health-related diseases, vegan diet has variously shown the capability to reduce body weight, prevent and treat Type […]

Plant Based Diets for Diabetes

According to CDC, there is more than 37 million adults in the US that suffer from diabetes and around 95% of them have type 2 diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes occurs when someone’s body stop producing insulin which is a hormone that regulate our blood glucose level. Insulin is produced in our pancreas. Whilst type 1 […]

Four Things About Plant-Based Foods

Ending the year 2022, it will not complete without giving a recap and short overview about plant-based foods in this 2022 and upcoming trends. Here are 4 things you guys should know about vegetarian and plant-based foods. Plant-based will become a great source of income in 2026 Over the last few years, plant-based category has […]

Shifting Consumer Behavior to Address Climate Change

In the recent years, many companies such as Microsoft, Nike, Coca-Cola, and Walmart have committed and planned to reduce carbon emissions or becoming carbon negative in the next 5-20 years. Despite their actions, we still need the help of businesses, government and even consumers to combat climate change. Regarding that, 5 psychological factors that contributed […]

Microbial Spoilage of Plant-Based Meat Analogues

Eating habits have a considerable impact on the climate and on utilization of natural resources. Food sector is one of the burdens on environmental impact where most foods came from animals. Since centuries ago, meat is the significant food of mankind and is an important aspect in a well diverse diet. Besides that, meat has […]