Four Things About Plant-Based Foods

Ending the year 2022, it will not complete without giving a recap and short overview about plant-based foods in this 2022 and upcoming trends. Here are 4 things you guys should know about vegetarian and plant-based foods.

Plant-based will become a great source of income in 2026

Over the last few years, plant-based category has an unbelievable market growth rate over the last 5 years. However, across the FMCG industry, it is still a small sector compared to the other. It means that this sector will continue to grow. With the positive feedback from the consumer and nowadays plant-based foods becoming a trend. The sales of are expected to grow up to 74%, achieving 99m pounds by the end of 2026.

One in five young adults in the UK do not eat meat

For plant-based food producer, it is crucial to know your clients. We all know that swapping pork or beef sausages with soy or pea protein sausage will cut the cost in a big way. However, by not knowing your clients, it still can make you lose valuable sales. In UK, research conducted in 2021 shows that one in five (19%) 18 to 24-year-olds do not eat meat – 5% are vegan; 10% are vegetarian and 4% are pescatarian.

Consumers want products similar to meat in sensory

This is a very important aspect for all plant-based developers. The challenge of creating plant-based food is to imitate the texture, taste, and appearance of real meat. Good plant-based foods is the one that can deceive customer that they are actually eating plants, not meat without us telling them that it is actually plant-based. Meatless Kingdom has successfully achieved this because 90% of people cannot differentiate our plant-based food with real meat food.

Growth will continue despite the rumoured economic ressesion

Some questions the long-term prospect of plant-based foods. There is a rumour that there will be a economic recession in 2023. Despite this, the demand of health, indulgence and product with high sustainability will remains. Because of economic issue, eventually, consumer will think more about where to spend their dime on groceries and hopefully will shift to cheaper and healthier alternative which is plant-based meals.

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