Our Story

Mushroom & Plant Based Meat is Future Food

Since the world population are continuously increasing, the need for food also follows. It is predicted that we need a “New Earth” to meet human demand for food in the future. Therefore, many explorations to outer space are initiated.
In Meatless Kingdom, we strongly believe the solution for our food demand is a change in our diet, especially excessive consumption of meat. We have done many research in order to find what kind of ingredients that can replace the texture and taste of meat and we come up with mushroom. Based on our intensive research, fibre texture and umami taste of mushroom are suitable as meat products replacer. The most interesting thing is mushroom can grow vertically by using agricultural waste like sawdust, coffee bean waste, straw and even palm trunk waste. So, they just need limited space with higher productivity compare to other plants and become one of the most sustainable foods on the planet.
We believe that mushroom-based meat can give better option to our customers today and in the future in terms of sustainable and healthier food. This is our dream and hopefully you too.

What makes us unique?

Resource: We use local mushroom as main ingredient of our products. Because it has high nutrition, meat texture and low carbon footprintCompetence: Our R&D has food technology competence to develop good quality of products. In 2020, even during pandemic we can develop more than 5 different variety of products.Healthy Product: Our products do not use artificial MSG and categorized low gluten and even some of them do not contain gluten.Indonesian Style Food: We focus on developing Indonesian style food such as gepuk, rendang, sweet and spicy jerky, and smoked jerky


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