Plant Based for Low Calorie Diet?

Plant Based for Low Calories Diet?

Nowadays, world become more and more aware to the importance of health from the food consumption. People is glorifying the trend of healthy lifestyle, but how do we know the lifestyle that we live in the moment is healthy? Does it related to the calorie we eat every day?

what is calorie?

Calorie is an unit of energy for foods. If your ever found or hear the food contain 200 calories, it describe how much your food supply energy to your body. Every 1 gram of nutrients have the equal value of calories.

  • 1 g of carbohydrate = 4 Calories.
  • 1 g of protein = 4 Calories.
  • 1 g of fat = 9 Calories.

does low calorie mean healthier?

Every one has different daily calorie requirement. Let’s say a student and an athlete. They have different activities in a day. Student have to work with their brain, while an athlete need energy to work with their muscle. Therefore, low calories does not mean it is healthier. Low calories refer to them who intentionally want to weight loss. Moreover, healthy food does not define by the calorie, but the nutrients that body requires.

why plant based diet for weight loss?

Many of you always eat salad for diet. However, salad cannot really fulfil your daily calorie requirement. It only consists of greens and dressing, some of you often forget the proteins. You only torture yourself.

While plant based diet refers to a dietary habit by increasing the amount of vegetable protein consumption. These vegetable proteins have lower calories from animal proteins because it offers the same quality of protein, yet also high in fiber which differs from animal protein. This fiber will help you full longer.

where can I found the plant based food?

Plant based does not mean it less delicious than animal derived. You can have the plant based food that as delicious as the animal product in Meatless Kingdom. We offers the plant based meat product such as rendang, gepuk, and dendeng. Find the product here.

Plant Based for Low Calories Diet?


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