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Plant-Based Jerky, Alternative Food for Vegetarian Friendly

At this time, the trend of a vegetarian-style diet is starting to be favored by some people in Indonesia. In particular, this vegetarian-style diet is usually done for those who want to maintain their body shape and adopt a healthier lifestyle. However, hearing the term “vegetarian”, for some people they think that vegetarians are people […]

Cancer Can Be Caused by Eating Too Much Meat! Why is that?

Meat is one of the favorite foods of the people in Indonesia, even throughout the world. Meat-based foods are now increasingly varied. Ranging from heavy meals to snacks. In contrast to those who are vegetarians, for meat lovers, meat is something that must be used as a menu that must be present every day. Of […]

Knowing the Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet for Body Health

Many people are beginning to move to a plant-based diet in this expanding era in order to improve their health. The plant-based diet is ideal for use during a pandemic like the one we are currently experiencing. Therefore, it is not surprising that the public has started to support the trend of eating a plant-based […]

4 Recommended Healthy Food Meat Substitutes, Suitable for Plant-Based Diets

Diets Plant-based diets became popular after people began to realize the importance of implementing a healthy lifestyle in their daily lives. Not only that, they also feel bored with the same meat-based food menu. A plant based diet is an alternative for those who want to feel something different but still maintain their body health […]

Meatless Kingdom: Mushroom-Based Meat Alternatives From Indonesia

Meatless Kingdom is an Indonesian startup making alt-meat products from mushrooms. The company was launched in 2019 by Widya Putra, who wanted to create an alternative to imported plant-based meats. Widya studied Microbiology and Food Quality Management at university, using this opportunity to research mushrooms and plant-based foods. He then went on to launch Meatless Kingdom, […]