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Veganuary: Kampanye Meningkatkan Makanan Vegan

Bagi kalian yang belum tau apa itu Veganuary, ini merupakan artikel yang paling tepat untuk kalian. Veganuary merupakan kampanye penuh selama satu bulan Januari yang bertemakan makanan vegan atau plant based. Belakangan ini, kampanye ini semakin menjadi popular dikarenakan banyak artis papan atas yang juga mengikuti kampanye ini. Berawal dari sebuah ide dari Matthew Glover […]

Four Things About Plant-Based Foods

Ending the year 2022, it will not complete without giving a recap and short overview about plant-based foods in this 2022 and upcoming trends. Here are 4 things you guys should know about vegetarian and plant-based foods. Plant-based will become a great source of income in 2026 Over the last few years, plant-based category has […]

Comparing the Types of Alternative Protein

Interest in alternative protein increases over the past decades. There are several factors that contributed to the rise of this trend. Number one is increased consumer interest on increasing personal healthcare quality. Since COVID pandemic, there is a raise of awareness of increasing the quality of healthcare especially personal healthcare. Number two is regarding on […]

Want to Live Healthier? Try Shifting to Meatless Kingdom Products!

Everybody surely wants to live healthy and free of diseases. By implementing healthy lifestyle, we can easily do our daily activities without any hurdle. Implementing and getting used to healthy lifestyle needs to be done as soon as possible. Healthy lifestyle can be applied by eating nutritious meal and regularly exercise. Besides that, in current […]

Craving for “Plant-Based” Bak Kwa?

Bak Kwa is a dried savoury sweet meat that comes in thin slices that is popular in the Chinese communities located in Asia. Usually, Bak Kwa are made of pork which makes it non-halal for some people. One special company in Indonesia has launched a special treat for all of us. They launched 100% Plant-Based […]