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Meatless Kingdom got 1st Place at Scale It Up! Asia-Pacific

Proud! Meatless Kingdom got 1st Place for Scale It Up! Asia-Pacific.

Meatless Kingdom proudly announces that we are out as the winner for Scale It Up! Asia-Pacific Innovation Challenge. After 6 months and included 30 others start-up companies, we had strived to show the vision and mission of our core products. Such a great opportunity for us to grow bigger and inspire more. Scale It Up! […]

Vegan Leather: Five Reasons to switch!

vegan leather

Recently, many people have become more interested in environmentally friendly fashion items that do not use animals in the manufacturing process. Many people prefer bags made of vegan leather. The reason for this is that this type of bag is of high quality, durable, and does not involve any animals. Some vegan leather are made […]

Eating Tips during Ramadhan


In a previous topic, we have discussed about several tips during Ramadhan. But, today we are going to talk about eating habit on Ramadhan. This eating routine expected to help you full longer. A week more before Ramadhan. But, are you ready? Do you have prepared yourself to fasting full a month? Do not worry, […]

Ramadhan is coming, get yourself ready.


Healthy bestie, a holy month of Ramadhan is coming very soon. Are you guys ready for the season of blessing? To prepare yourself in this season, Meatless Kingdom will give you some recommendation to get yourself ready. Ramadhan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar and marked by the appearance of a full moon. A […]

World Wildlife Day: what is your contribution?

World Wildlife Day

Life in the world has been more than 2000 years. We know life from the time of the dinosaurs to modern times like today. Our earth has sustained a lot of life. World Wildlife Day is celebrated as a form of thanks celebration for the earth. In 2023, World Wildlife Day is celebrated with the […]

Know more: insoluble fiber and soluble fiber

In the previous article, we have discussed about fiber. Moreover, we also mentioned it cannot be digested by the body during metabolism. However, we also mentioned the soluble and the insoluble. Therefore, what are the differences of two it? Everyday we consumed food that contain nutrients. Fiber is one of nutrients that can get from […]