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Salad Point savor Indonesian taste by collaborating with Meatless Kingdom

Salad Point savor Indonesian taste by collaborating with Meatless Kingdom

The demand for healthy and sustainable food options is increasing in today’s globe. Therefore, people are increasingly opting for plant-based and meatless dinner options. The collaboration between Meatless Kingdom and Salad Point is a perfect match. Together offering a range of delicious, wholesome, and eco-friendly meals. Who is Meatless Kingdom? Meatless Kingdom is leading provider […]

Why need protein when you workout?

Do you ever think why athletes have their own nutritionist to keep their protein take? Or have you ever heard on social media a fitness influencer sharing about you having to take protein when you want to start a workout? Let us tell you the importance of protein for workout activities. Workout, either at the […]

Alternative Protein 101: here what you should know!

Alternative protein is protein that we obtain from food other than animal derived. It can be plant based, microorganisms based, and cell cultured based. This practice is increasingly favored for several reasons, such as environment, ethical, nutrition, also taste and texture. According to Data Bridge, alternative protein will grow up to 14% in 2027, while […]

Notice! These Signs Show Your Body Needs More Protein

In a previous article, we discussed what protein is. Along with carbohydrate and fat, protein takes a big part in body structure and function to develop a human, from baby to granny. According to Ministry of Health, in 2021 Indonesia reach to 24.4% of stunting children and gradually success to decrease the number stunting children, […]

What is Protein – Part 1

Every day we hear the word protein and see it in the food or multivitamin packaging information, but some of us don’t realize what protein means. some people are also unable to distinguish between types of protein so they are sufficient for their intake of protein from certain types of food. some people find it […]

Comparing the Types of Alternative Protein

Interest in alternative protein increases over the past decades. There are several factors that contributed to the rise of this trend. Number one is increased consumer interest on increasing personal healthcare quality. Since COVID pandemic, there is a raise of awareness of increasing the quality of healthcare especially personal healthcare. Number two is regarding on […]