Alternative Protein 101: here what you should know!

Alternative protein is protein that we obtain from food other than animal derived. It can be plant based, microorganisms based, and cell cultured based. This practice is increasingly favored for several reasons, such as environment, ethical, nutrition, also taste and texture. According to Data Bridge, alternative protein will grow up to 14% in 2027, while Boston Consultant Group mention it until 2035. Not only for food and beverage industry, it is gaining popular for other industries, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and personal care.

source: Boston Consulting Group

why alternative protein?

People who starts their lifestyle into vegetarian or vegan must be have reasons for enjoying alternative protein. However, some of it not define themself as vegetarian or vegan, yet just want to try the experience.

  • Ethical reason, this reason is for they who love and protect animals. Moreover, in their belief, some animal is sacred or they totally cannot eat food from animal derived.
  • Environmental reason, livestock is responsible for 20% greenhouse gas emission every year. Moreover, meat demand will be increasing until 2050 because high population. Therefore, alternative protein is necessary to help our earth but keep fulfil protein need.
  • Nutrition reasonred meat such as beef is high in cholesterol, while plant based is free of cholesterol. In addition, for them who have lactose intolerance, plant based milk can be an option.

type of alternative proteins

Scientist is working on developing new proteins for world. Some products have been offered to the world.

  • Plant based, the popular source for everyone. Besides it easy to get, plant based also have plenty of option. Mention it, tofu, tempeh, legumes, soybeans, mushroom, or find more here.
  • Microorganisms based, not really new, but rarely heard. The technology behind it is fermenting carbohydrate solution into proteins products. The other technology is growing filamentous fungi in solid nutritious media. There is also microalgae, called spirulina which high in protein content.
  • Cell cultured based, most recent and cause debate. Technically, it is growing a meat from animal cell in a tank of nutritious serum.
Cell cultured based

We have discussed about the reason behind alternatives protein and types of it. It is important to maintain body nourish with protein and keep the earth green. Find the best plant based food product at Meatless Kingdom.

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