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Alternative Protein 101: here what you should know!

Alternative protein is protein that we obtain from food other than animal derived. It can be plant based, microorganisms based, and cell cultured based. This practice is increasingly favored for several reasons, such as environment, ethical, nutrition, also taste and texture. According to Data Bridge, alternative protein will grow up to 14% in 2027, while […]

Fiber: important but undigested, How?

Do you ever heard your body need fiber? Mostly, we consume food without considering the nutrition consist inside. Whereas, the food that we consumed daily can define our health. Indonesia is continue facing the nutrition problem, especially fiber consumption. In 2018, Ministry of Health by Riskesdas, shows approximately 95% of Indonesians do not include it […]

Notice! These Signs Show Your Body Needs More Protein

In a previous article, we discussed what protein is. Along with carbohydrate and fat, protein takes a big part in body structure and function to develop a human, from baby to granny. According to Ministry of Health, in 2021 Indonesia reach to 24.4% of stunting children and gradually success to decrease the number stunting children, […]

Farms to Fungi to Food: Growing the Next Generation of Alternative Protein

Solution to relief the issue of world hunger may come from the most loved foods and the most expensive foods in the planet. Boba and caviar may be the start of a new innovative solution. Several scientist and engineers are developing a new type of food called “myco-foods”. It is a small edible fungus that […]

Comparing the Types of Alternative Protein

Interest in alternative protein increases over the past decades. There are several factors that contributed to the rise of this trend. Number one is increased consumer interest on increasing personal healthcare quality. Since COVID pandemic, there is a raise of awareness of increasing the quality of healthcare especially personal healthcare. Number two is regarding on […]

Want to Live Healthier? Try Shifting to Meatless Kingdom Products!

Everybody surely wants to live healthy and free of diseases. By implementing healthy lifestyle, we can easily do our daily activities without any hurdle. Implementing and getting used to healthy lifestyle needs to be done as soon as possible. Healthy lifestyle can be applied by eating nutritious meal and regularly exercise. Besides that, in current […]

Microbial Spoilage of Plant-Based Meat Analogues

Eating habits have a considerable impact on the climate and on utilization of natural resources. Food sector is one of the burdens on environmental impact where most foods came from animals. Since centuries ago, meat is the significant food of mankind and is an important aspect in a well diverse diet. Besides that, meat has […]

Acceptance of Meat Analogue Products

Proteins is one of the essential components of the human nutrition. Supply of protein is crucial both nutritionally and environmentally. Animal meat is the main source of high-quality proteins and currently widely consumed by humans. However, the condition to create high-quality meat is demanding and requires usage of vast resources. Land and water usage to […]

The Demand of Protein: Animals and Plants

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The demand of protein ingredients has surged over the last few years. Currently, global protein ingredient was valued at USD 38 billion (2019) and expected to grow at a rate of 9.1% until 2027. The consumption of animal proteins is increasing each year as well with plant protein. Plant protein can offset the market because […]