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Acceptance of Meat Analogue Products

Proteins is one of the essential components of the human nutrition. Supply of protein is crucial both nutritionally and environmentally. Animal meat is the main source of high-quality proteins and currently widely consumed by humans. However, the condition to create high-quality meat is demanding and requires usage of vast resources. Land and water usage to […]

Mushroom Poisoning Outbreaks in China 2020

China, 2020 marks a new case of a mushroom poisoning outbreak. Known reports on the effect of mushroom poisoning are acute liver failure, rhabdomyolysis, acute renal failure, and hemolysis. All of those are caused by poisonous mushrooms. The most lethal mushrooms are from the species genera Amanita, Lepiota, and Galerina cause liver failure. Besides that, […]

Comparison of Physicochemical Characteristics of Meat and Meat Analogues

There is a reduction on meat consumption in dietary due to concerns on health, environment, and ecological aspects. Consumption of plant-protein diet has the tendency to lower body weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure. However, the introduction of these new type of protein still possesses some disadvantages against animal meat. Meat analogue or texturized vegetable protein […]

Meatless Kingdom at SialINTERFOOD 2022

Internationally scaled food and drinks expo, The Global Food Marketplace or Salon International de L’alimentation (Sial Interfood) was held at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Indonesia. Lots of industry that focuses on food and beverages participated on the expo. SIALInterFOOD is held as a barometer to increase the rise of culinary and horeca industry in Indonesia. […]

5 Reasons to Come To Meatless Kingdom Booth at SIALInterFood2022

1. Acquire New Knowledge @MeatlessKingdom focused on plant-based foods. For those of you who is unaware or did not know about plant-based foods. This is the perfect place and time to know more about plant-based foods and acquire new knowledge. Besides that, you can also ask our team members at the booth to know more […]

Change Your Diet, Save Your Planet!

Meat consumption contributes to climate change because of the high emission of green house gases it produces. Besides that, it also requires large amount of land and resource. One possible solution that is in the bag is to change our dietary lifestyle. Mentioned in the earlier paragraph, meat consumption is one of the leading causes […]

The Demand of Protein: Animals and Plants

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The demand of protein ingredients has surged over the last few years. Currently, global protein ingredient was valued at USD 38 billion (2019) and expected to grow at a rate of 9.1% until 2027. The consumption of animal proteins is increasing each year as well with plant protein. Plant protein can offset the market because […]