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Microbial Spoilage of Plant-Based Meat Analogues

Eating habits have a considerable impact on the climate and on utilization of natural resources. Food sector is one of the burdens on environmental impact where most foods came from animals. Since centuries ago, meat is the significant food of mankind and is an important aspect in a well diverse diet. Besides that, meat has […]

Acceptance of Meat Analogue Products

Proteins is one of the essential components of the human nutrition. Supply of protein is crucial both nutritionally and environmentally. Animal meat is the main source of high-quality proteins and currently widely consumed by humans. However, the condition to create high-quality meat is demanding and requires usage of vast resources. Land and water usage to […]

Comparison of Physicochemical Characteristics of Meat and Meat Analogues

There is a reduction on meat consumption in dietary due to concerns on health, environment, and ecological aspects. Consumption of plant-protein diet has the tendency to lower body weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure. However, the introduction of these new type of protein still possesses some disadvantages against animal meat. Meat analogue or texturized vegetable protein […]