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The Demand of Protein: Animals and Plants

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The demand of protein ingredients has surged over the last few years. Currently, global protein ingredient was valued at USD 38 billion (2019) and expected to grow at a rate of 9.1% until 2027. The consumption of animal proteins is increasing each year as well with plant protein. Plant protein can offset the market because […]

Science Behind the Development of Plant-Based Meat

Modern agriculture and food industry has produced variety and plentiful supply of safe, affordable, tasty and convenient foods. Those innovation has led to contributing significant reduction of world hunger and malnutrition. However, large production of food using large quantities of animal products, such as meat, fish, egg, milk, and their derivatives are believed to be […]

Plant-Based Jerky, Alternative Food for Vegetarian Friendly

At this time, the trend of a vegetarian-style diet is starting to be favored by some people in Indonesia. In particular, this vegetarian-style diet is usually done for those who want to maintain their body shape and adopt a healthier lifestyle. However, hearing the term “vegetarian”, for some people they think that vegetarians are people […]