Notice! These Signs Show Your Body Needs More Protein

In a previous article, we discussed what protein is. Along with carbohydrate and fat, protein takes a big part in body structure and function to develop a human, from baby to granny. According to Ministry of Health, in 2021 Indonesia reach to 24.4% of stunting children and gradually success to decrease the number stunting children, the condition when a body lack of nutritious compound, including protein. However, the consideration not only to the children, teenager, adults, and elderly might experience the lack of protein. Recognizing the sign of protein deficiency can help to prevent severe condition.

these signs you have to concern as protein deficiency.

  1. Reduced bone and muscle strength. as building support of these organs, lack of protein can cause weakened bone and muscle.
  2. Longer wound healing. skin is composed with collagen which needs protein to develop it, less consumed protein leads to slow curing of injuries, even to hair loss.
  3. Hormonal disorder. Mood swings, low immune system, and uncontrolled appetite are instances of undeveloped growth due to protein deficiency.

so, how much do we need?

Indonesian Food and Drug Agency (BPOM) suggested to get 60g of protein daily for adults, however, the daily intake of protein can be customized by gender, age, and specialty needs, such as pregnancy. Therefore, you have to be aware of your health and your protein daily intake. These protein sources could be from animal derivatives and vegetables, see the difference here. Nowadays, practice of protein-rich food not only can get from animal sources, but also the vegetable source, or likely called as alternative protein. Meatless Kingdom present with 5 variants of protein-rich plant-based food with protein fulfilled 20-45% of protein daily intake and another beneficial nutritious, such as fiber. Go get your Sweet Dendeng Plant-Based, Spicy Dendeng Plant-Based, Dendeng Manis Asap Plant-Based, Rendang Plant Based, and Gepuk Plant-Based now!


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  1. Aghnia says:

    Artikel informatif! Dengan data yang disajikan dan isi yang mudah dipahami mengenai pentingnya asupan protein dan penjelasannya👌🏼… Keep up the good work!!!

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