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Meatless Kingdom got 1st Place at Scale It Up! Asia-Pacific

Proud! Meatless Kingdom got 1st Place for Scale It Up! Asia-Pacific.

Meatless Kingdom proudly announces that we are out as the winner for Scale It Up! Asia-Pacific Innovation Challenge. After 6 months and included 30 others start-up companies, we had strived to show the vision and mission of our core products. Such a great opportunity for us to grow bigger and inspire more. Scale It Up! […]

Craving for “Plant-Based” Bak Kwa?

Bak Kwa is a dried savoury sweet meat that comes in thin slices that is popular in the Chinese communities located in Asia. Usually, Bak Kwa are made of pork which makes it non-halal for some people. One special company in Indonesia has launched a special treat for all of us. They launched 100% Plant-Based […]