Why need protein when you workout?

Do you ever think why athletes have their own nutritionist to keep their protein take? Or have you ever heard on social media a fitness influencer sharing about you having to take protein when you want to start a workout? Let us tell you the importance of protein for workout activities.

Workout, either at the gym or at home, is an activity where you exercise your body in order to increase your health and shape your muscles. It can be sit ups, push ups, pull ups, or you name it. But, how does this exercise need protein intake?

what workout do to your body?

There are many muscles in your body, such as cardiac muscle, smooth muscle, and skeletal muscle. The skeletal muscle that works when you exercise your body. They will stretch and relax during your exercise. However, this cell of muscle may be torn during your first or when you increase your intensity.

The body responds to it as inflammation and your body feels sore afterwards. This phenomenon is called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). In medicine, it is normal to feel sore after a workout.

protein help recovery torn muscle cell
Muscle step recovery

how does your body react to it?

Firstly, the brain responds to the inflammation in your muscle cell. The brain instructed insulin and body hormone to recover the torn cell fiber. The insulin enhances the synthesis of readily available protein in the body. The amino acids in the protein work as the main actor in your muscle recovery.

In a previous article we discussed the function of protein. It mentioned build and repair. This is the reason why this nutrition is really important to our body. Protein intake will also increase along with the workout intensity we do. However, there are also many variables that affect your body recovery after workout. You have to keep hydrated, rest well, get enough sleep time, and warm up before and cool down after the workout.

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