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Vegan Leather: Five Reasons to switch!

vegan leather

Recently, many people have become more interested in environmentally friendly fashion items that do not use animals in the manufacturing process. Many people prefer bags made of vegan leather. The reason for this is that this type of bag is of high quality, durable, and does not involve any animals. Some vegan leather are made […]

Change Your Diet, Save Your Planet!

Meat consumption contributes to climate change because of the high emission of green house gases it produces. Besides that, it also requires large amount of land and resource. One possible solution that is in the bag is to change our dietary lifestyle. Mentioned in the earlier paragraph, meat consumption is one of the leading causes […]

Vegan Vs Vegetarian Vs Omnivorous Diets: Which One has The Lowest Environmental Impacts

The food that we consume has large impacts to the environments. Impact that are given varies significantly between the diet types. According to the United Nations, world population will increase from 7 billion to 9.8 billion people by 2050. These growths imply increasing demands for animal products, dairy and crops which needs to be increased. […]

Carbonethics X Meatless, Innovative Colaboration for a Better Future

Climate is the average weather in a certain location that has occurred for many years while the change of a climate in that location is called climate change. As we all know, the negative impacts of climate changes starting to take place earlier then scientist expected. According from UNCP or United Nations Climate Panel, the […]

Eating Meat Can Damage the Environment, How Can You?

Meat is one of the favorite foods of the people in Indonesia. Regardless of age, from children to adults, it is rare for them to dislike meat-based foods. Usually, they process meat into various kinds of preparations, so now we can find meat-based foods easily. Almost on every coastal road there are always sellers of processed food made […]