Meatless Kingdom at SialINTERFOOD 2022

Internationally scaled food and drinks expo, The Global Food Marketplace or Salon International de L’alimentation (Sial Interfood) was held at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Indonesia. Lots of industry that focuses on food and beverages participated on the expo.

SIALInterFOOD is held as a barometer to increase the rise of culinary and horeca industry in Indonesia. Within those 4 days, SIALInterFOOD demonstrated lots of new and existing food, drinks, as well as cooking accessories and equipments.

Many natives and foreigner also participated in the event. Indonesia, Australia, Netherlands, China, India, Italy, German, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, Egypt, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, France, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, United States, Vietnam, and Greece are the major participants.

This event is majorly filled with local industries. The sole purpose is to increase the branding of the industry to the global market. The same principle also applies to UMKM in the hope to expand their connection and increase sales to global market.

There is one booth that gave out free samples of Ready to Eat rendang, gepuk, smoked sweet jerky and dendeng. Seems very normal, but if you visit the booth that is in Hall B3, number BD027, you will find it unique. The products mentioned above is not made with beef, however it is made with 100% plant-based ingredients. The industry name is Meatless Kingdom which is a local based (Cimahi) industry that aims to create ready to eat local Indonesian food with plant-based ingredients.

There, you can find lots of food that is made with 100% plant-based ingredients. Using soy and mushrooms as the based for our rendang, gepuk and dendeng. It makes it healthier than the usual food made with beef. Regarding the taste and texture, you do not need to worry. With intensive research and development, we created taste like the real product made with beef.

Visitors that come to our booth also surprised when we reveal the base of our product. At first, they thought it was made from beef. They were very surprised when we tell them that it was not made from beef but made from plant-based ingredients.

During the expo, we brought our existing product, which is rendang, gepuk and dendeng. Besides that, we also introduce our new product which is inspired from bakkwa. Our “bakkwa” is made of soy and allium free which makes it very friendly for non-allium eater as well as vegan and vegetarian. Our new bakkwa received a mixed review regarding the taste and texture. However, most of them are positive review and people loved it especially the one who likes to eat real bakkwa. For people who is new, will find it a little odd.

Widya Putra, our CEO hopes that this expo can attract more potential customer froms B2B or industry. Besides that, we also hope that B2C reseller or distributor are also interested to take our product and try to sell it in their location locally or internationally.

Meatless Kingdom in SIALInterFOOD 2022 can become a leaping stone in the next expo. This acts as a marketing strategy to introduce Meatless Kingdom product. Expo like this is a market opportunity for Meatless Kingdom in a big picture.


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