Vegan Leather: Five Reasons to switch!

vegan leather

Recently, many people have become more interested in environmentally friendly fashion items that do not use animals in the manufacturing process. Many people prefer bags made of vegan leather. The reason for this is that this type of bag is of high quality, durable, and does not involve any animals.

Some vegan leather are made from plant-based materials like apples, mulberries, mushrooms, or soybeans. Marhen J is one of the brands that tends to favor it in the production of their products. This South Korean eco-friendly bag brand has consistently produced high-quality bags made of vegan material to be environmentally sustainable. Meatless Kingdom is going to tell you why change into vegan leather.

does not harm the animal

We are all aware that leather clothing materials are derived from animals. Cowhide or other farm animals are commonly used in the bag manufacturing process.  To gain the skin, the animal is frequently slaughtered in a horrific way.

According to PETA, factories that make animal-skin products frequently buy cows and put them under pressure. As a result, these animals suffer greatly. It differs greatly from the manufacturing process of vegan leather bags. These bags are typically made of synthetic materials such as PU (polyurethane), which do not harm or endanger animals.

produce less waste

Vegan products generate less waste on average, making it one of the most efficient procedures in the fashion industry. First, it does not require new land for the farm, plenty of water and feed, and not high in contributing greenhouse gas emissions.

environmentally friendly

Veganism is concerned not only with animal welfare, but also with environmental protection. Making vegan leather bags does not require a lot of resources. There is also significantly less air pollution than with animal skins.

Manufacturing products from animal skins necessitates consideration of carrion dumping grounds and other waste generated in the process of obtaining skins. Vegan leather bag products do not have this issue at all.

last for a long time

Bags made of vegan material are of high quality during the manufacturing process because they have a more consistent color than genuineleather bags. As a result, this bags can last a long time.

perfectly alike

Most fashion experts claim that they cannot differentiate between animal genuine one and vegan leather based on their vision. This is due to the fact that vegan leather is of high quality and has the same texture or roughness as real leather. They are also easier to adjust their use than genuine leather due to their ability to preserve pigmentsVEGAN LEATHER VS REAL LEATHER BAGS - YouTube
So there are several benefits to using vegan leather bags. Are you certain you don’t want to use this material bag?

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