Ramadhan is coming, get yourself ready.


Healthy bestie, a holy month of Ramadhan is coming very soon. Are you guys ready for the season of blessing? To prepare yourself in this season, Meatless Kingdom will give you some recommendation to get yourself ready.

Ramadhan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar and marked by the appearance of a full moon. A full month of fasting and reflection to celebrate Eid al Fitr on the first month of Shawwal. Ramadhan is expected begin on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023 which means 2 week more from today. Are you ready?

Healthy tips during Ramadhan


1. dietary habit

For suhoor, eat foods that contain high fiber and protein to keep your body full and keep your strength. Avoid fatty food that lead into sleepy noon. In addition, for breaking the fast, you can eat gradually. Try the sweet first to maintain your blood glucose stay normal.

Later, eat food normally, too much food after fasting is not good for your digestion system. Prepare your food in nutritious meal. Last, stay hydrated by drink 8 times: after wake up, before suhoor, after suhoor, at breaking the fast, before dinner, after dinner, after Ishaa, and an hour before sleep.


2. do not stay up late

We need to maintain our sleep time 8-9 hours each day. Thus, do not stay up late for nothing. Sleep after Ishaa prayer is recommended.

Maintain our sleep habit can help increase our immunity during Ramadhan. Our body will easily to drop if we lack of sleep. Such a waste if we are not fit during Ramadhan.


3. keep in shape

Beside sleep, you can stay fit by doing exercise. However, the intensity is less than before Ramadhan. Low intensity exercise such as jogging, yoga, and cycling can help you to stay in shape.

However when does it recommend to do exercise? You can do it after suhoor, before breaking the fast, and after breaking the fast.

4. keep clean

Maintaining cleanliness is recommended so that you can continue your fasting. Clean means you avoid any source of disease. This is because any disease can inhibit your devotions during Ramadhan.

Begin with tidy your bed and later you will start clean over your house. Because clean house, happy soul.

Now, you are ready to welcome Ramadhan. May your Ramadhan full of blessing.

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