Meatless Kingdom got 1st Place at Scale It Up! Asia-Pacific

Proud! Meatless Kingdom got 1st Place for Scale It Up! Asia-Pacific.

Meatless Kingdom proudly announces that we are out as the winner for Scale It Up! Asia-Pacific Innovation Challenge. After 6 months and included 30 others start-up companies, we had strived to show the vision and mission of our core products. Such a great opportunity for us to grow bigger and inspire more.

Scale It Up! Asia-Pacific Innovation Challenge is an innovation challenge with the aim of helping Asian plant-based protein start-ups in bringing their products to market faster. Moreover, big supply chain leaders: Bühler, Cargill, and Givaudan supported this event from start to end. In the end, the winner gets mentorship by the support companies for six months.

Meatless Kingdom brought out the taste of plant-based Bakkwa to the contest. Knowing Asia Pacific as the home of 60% of the world’s population, Asia is well positioned to drive global food demand, including protein demand. Suggesting the Asia Pacific to begin life with alt protein as a social problem for the population.

In briefly, we started the journey in October last year. A big anticipation after being selected into the Top 15. It is a big achievement to become Top 5 on 19th October 2022. We continue to prepare for the final pitch in February 2023. Turn out, on 15th March Scale It Up! Asia-Pacific chose us as the winner.

“We feel honored to be the first winner of the Asia-Pacific Scale It Up! Innovation Challenge. This experience has enriched our knowledge and competency about product development in the alternative protein space. We hope this achievement will be a source of inspiration to more food technology start-ups, especially in Indonesia,” said Widya Putra, CEO and Co-founder of Meatless Kingdom.

Meatless Kingdom remains committed to provide protein needs for everyone. We are looking forward to collaborating and learning more with the experts in the supply chain and alt protein space.

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