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Fasting makes us have an ideal body?

Hello Healthy Besties! Many people use the month of Ramadan as a place to diet in order to get the ideal body weight, can it really work? Actually, by consuming vegan we get the benefit of making the body weight more ideal. Consuming fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains and nuts, is a safe […]

Eating Tips during Ramadhan


In a previous topic, we have discussed about several tips during Ramadhan. But, today we are going to talk about eating habit on Ramadhan. This eating routine expected to help you full longer. A week more before Ramadhan. But, are you ready? Do you have prepared yourself to fasting full a month? Do not worry, […]

Ramadhan is coming, get yourself ready.


Healthy bestie, a holy month of Ramadhan is coming very soon. Are you guys ready for the season of blessing? To prepare yourself in this season, Meatless Kingdom will give you some recommendation to get yourself ready. Ramadhan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar and marked by the appearance of a full moon. A […]