World Wildlife Day: what is your contribution?

World Wildlife Day

Life in the world has been more than 2000 years. We know life from the time of the dinosaurs to modern times like today. Our earth has sustained a lot of life. World Wildlife Day is celebrated as a form of thanks celebration for the earth.

In 2023, World Wildlife Day is celebrated with the theme “Partnership for Conservation”. This theme was raised as a form of caring for the continuity of wild nature around the world.

As we know, all people around the world depend on the wilderness and diversity of resources to meet their daily needs. Starting from the day of food, fuels, medicines, clothings, and also housings.

History of world wildlife day

In 1973 a meeting was held to form the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES). The purpose of establishing this convention is to protect the flora and fauna when international trade occurs. This convention was formed with the approval of the members of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

In 2013 the United Nations designated March 3 as World Wildlife Day as well as the day CITES was formed. Since then March 3rd is celebrated as a celebration of gratitude for the wild.

World Wildlife Day

Partnership for conservation

Caring for wild nature is not difficult. CITES through its website invites everyone to do small things for nature. Because these small things are done together, the impact will be big for the world.

We also care about the preservation of wildlife. Mushome and Meatless Kingdom are here to provide environmentally friendly food needs. Producing plant-based food, more precisely mushrooms that support sustainable life.

The choice of mushrooms to replace meat consumption has a lower carbon emission value. Carbon emissions have a major influence on greenhouse gasses. This phenomenon greatly affects life in the world, especially for the wild.

Small contributions, such as planting trees, disposing of trash in its place, and changing our diet into plant-based will certainly help take care of the nature around us. Make World Wildlife Day a form of gratitude from us to nature. Now, what is your contribution?

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