Plant-Based Jerky, Alternative Food for Vegetarian Friendly

At this time, the trend of a vegetarian-style diet is starting to be favored by some people in Indonesia. In particular, this vegetarian-style diet is usually done for those who want to maintain their body shape and adopt a healthier lifestyle. However, hearing the term “vegetarian”, for some people they think that vegetarians are people who eat foods made from plants and don’t eat foods that come from animals at all. This is an incorrect argument.

According to the KBBI, a vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat but eats vegetables and plant products. Even so, they are vegetarians who still consume some products produced by animals, such as eggs, honey, and milk. In contrast to vegans, they usually only eat vegetables or plants and do not eat meat or some products of animal origin. Therefore, vegetarian and vegan are two slightly different terms.

In this growing era, the variety of foods made from plants is also increasingly varied. Vegetarians don’t have to worry about going back to determine their daily food menu. However, for vegetarians who miss the taste of meat, now there are several processed products made from plants but have a taste like meat in general. One of these products is plant-based jerky, which is one of the products from Meatless Kingdom. Meatless Kingdom plant-based jerky can be used as an alternative for vegetarians who want to experience the taste of meat but still have plant-based ingredients.

Meatless Kingdom plant based jerky is beef jerky made from selected non-animal ingredients made with a taste and texture resembling beef. No need to worry, the processed beef jerky does not use meat at all and is only made from plants, namely mushrooms. This jerky contains chia seeds which are known to be one of the superfoods that are good for the body. Chia seeds are believed to help lose weight, maintain bone health, maintain heart health, maintain brown sugar levels, and others.

In addition, Meatless Kingdom’s plant-based beef jerky does not contain cholesterol because it does not go through a frying process. As we know, excess cholesterol content can have a negative impact on body health. One of the effects is that it can cause blood vessels to narrow which can lead to heart disease. So, Meatless Kingdom’s plant-based beef jerky is suitable for consumption, especially for vegetarians. Besides its delicious taste, Meatless Kingdom’s plant-based jerky is also 100% plant-based and has many benefits for the body.

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