Cancer Can Be Caused by Eating Too Much Meat! Why is that?

Meat is one of the favorite foods of the people in Indonesia, even throughout the world. Meat-based foods are now increasingly varied. Ranging from heavy meals to snacks. In contrast to those who are vegetarians, for meat lovers, meat is something that must be used as a menu that must be present every day. Of the various types of meat, including beef, goat and chicken are the favorite meat of the Indonesian people.

In various regions in Indonesia, meat-based food is also very varied and has a very delicious taste. Almost in every region, has its own characteristics. But, you know what? Behind the delicious taste, consuming too much meat can be bad for your health. The World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that those who eat meat in excess are at least 30% more likely to be at risk of developing cancer. The fat content in meat can increase hormone production, thereby increasing the risk of cancer, such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.

It’s true, the taste evoked by meat is unquestionable, almost everyone knows it. However, behind the delicious taste, eating too much meat can have serious adverse effects on the health of the body. Therefore, let’s discuss some of the bad effects that can be caused by consuming meat in excess below.

Easily Affected by Cancer

A study conducted at Harvard University, they revealed that people who eat too much meat more than 3 times a day they are more at risk of developing colon cancer than those who eat less meat. In addition, there are studies that have consistently linked that consuming excess meat can be more prone to cardiovascular disease.

Unstable Weight Loss

Eating too much meat can actually slow progress in losing weight. In addition, it is true that a high protein diet can also help us not to get hungry easily so that it is easier to lose weight because of its protein content. Even so, usually it can easily make the weight gain back.

Bad Breath

For those who eat too much meat, it means they will have excess protein content. This condition will refer to a state of ketosis, so the body will burn fat to be used as energy. Keep in mind, the condition of the body that burns too much fat will eventually produce chemicals known as ketones. These chemicals can trigger bad breath.

Easily Dehydrated

The standard of protein adequacy in the body, generally ranges from 62-66 grams per day for men and 56-59 grams per day for women. If it exceeds this capacity, according to research, our bodies will automatically use more fluids to get rid of excess nitrogen. If this is not anticipated by drinking enough water, we may feel dizzy, feel something unpleasant, and even faint.

Source: kompas.com, alodokter.com
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