Plant Based Meat, Sustainable Healthy Menu Options

Processed foods that resemble meat, are now starting to be available in a variety of ways. Not only does it have a delicious taste, these processed foods also have many benefits that are good for the body and the environment. As we know that all forms of food made from plant-based foods usually have more benefits than foods made from animal sources. Besides being able to reduce suffering for animals, vegetable-based meat can also be used as a menu for a healthier lifestyle. In addition, by reducing the consumption of animal-based foods, we can also help preserve the earth by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  

Reducing the consumption of processed meat-based foods is true in fact can provide many benefits. The more people who start reducing meat consumption, the more benefits we can feel. Starting from the benefits for the health of the body to the benefits for the preservation of the surrounding environment. However, is it true that reducing meat consumption can help preserve the earth?

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says that meat and dairy account for around 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the livestock process that is carried out is also related to deforestation because many trees are deliberately cut down to clear land for animal husbandry such as cows. Fatally, it can accelerate climate change and reduce the amount of oxygen, so that it can have a bad impact on the sustainability of the earth. Therefore, this can be overcome by reducing the consumption of all animal-based foods and increasing the consumption of plant-based foods.

Seeing this phenomenon, now many environmental activists are starting to provide education on the bad effects of consuming excessive meat and education to reduce meat consumption. In addition, vegetable-based meat is now starting to be widely developed. Meatless Kingdom, trying to be a pioneer to be able to create food like meat but made from plant-based. This is based on the habits of some people who cannot escape the delicious taste of meat. Therefore, Meatless Kingdom strives to innovate to create plant-based meat so that it can be enjoyed by anyone and at any time without thinking about the bad effects. Some of the products that are worth trying are Plant Based Rendang, Plant Based Jerky, Plant Based Gepuk, Mushroom Nugget, and others. These products are plant-based. In addition to providing good benefits for the body, these products can also be used as a sustainable healthy menu in order to maintain the preservation of the earth.

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