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Yasa Jamur Invades Kota Baru Parahyangan

Saturday (17/09/22), PT Yasa Jamur join an event held by Sekolah Bina Persada at Kota Baru Parahyangan, Kabupaten Bandung Barat. We are invited to join the event with the theme of “Preserving the Beauty of Indonesia”. Taking the big idea of the event, we highlighted mushroom as one of the underutilized plants in Indonesia, transforming […]

Meatless Kingdom: Mushroom-Based Meat Alternatives From Indonesia

Meatless Kingdom is an Indonesian startup making alt-meat products from mushrooms. The company was launched in 2019 by Widya Putra, who wanted to create an alternative to imported plant-based meats. Widya studied Microbiology and Food Quality Management at university, using this opportunity to research mushrooms and plant-based foods. He then went on to launch Meatless Kingdom, […]