Rise of Plant Based Foods In Indonesia

During the Covid Pandemic, especially 2020. Plant-based foods has reached $29,40 billion dollars in sale worldwide.  This data indicates that there is a rise in the trend of consuming plant-based foods as an alternative for meat-based foods. Indonesia citizens itself also started to consume plant-based foods since 2021. Research states that 73% of surveyed Indonesian citizen has consumed plant-based food as of November 2021. This result gives us question on why Indonesian citizen started to consume plant-based foods.

Figure 1. Respondents That Have Consumed Plant-Based Food Alternatives in Indonesia as of November 2021 (Nurhayati-Wolff, 2022)

There are several reasons that initiate the shifting from meat-based to plant-based. Can be seen from the graph below, digestive health, makes consumer feels healthier, animal rights and environmental concerns are the factors that drive consumers towards plant-based foods.


Figure 2. Reasons of Why People Are Changing to Plant-Based Diet (Euromonitor, 2022)

However, there are still problems regarding the shifting of trend to plant-based. Consumers stated that many of plant-based foods in the market does not posses the visual and taste needed which cause meat-based is still the number one source of protein. Most consumers only try plant-based because of curiosity or as a dish that is consumed due to diet or only consumed once a week. 60% of consumer wanted plant-based have prices that are competitive with meat-based and good flavor.

Meatless Kingdom, provides this solution by combining mushrooms with other ingredients such as soybeans and seaweed to create high-protein, low-gluten meat alternatives. Our product consists of nuggets, sausages, Japanese siomay, rendang, dendeng and more. In Indonesia, Meatless Kingdom products are sold in retail stores and online marketplaces which consumer has easy access to obtain our product.


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Image by: unsplash.com


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