Carbonethics X Meatless, Innovative Colaboration for a Better Future

Climate is the average weather in a certain location that has occurred for many years while the change of a climate in that location is called climate change. As we all know, the negative impacts of climate changes starting to take place earlier then scientist expected. According from UNCP or United Nations Climate Panel, the impacts are unavoidable and will hit hard on us that causes several effects to different parts of the world.

Rapid changes of climate are mainly caused by humans using oils, gases and coal to fuel our daily needs such as homes and transportation. When those things burn, it releases greenhouse gases which mainly consists of carbon dioxide. These gases then accumulate in the earth atmosphere, trapping the heat from the sun inside the earth, causing overall earth temperature to rise.

There are lots of solution to at least delay the effect of climate change. The first solution is to plant trees. Indonesia has lots of mangrove forest. Mangrove has many benefits, first one is that mangrove is able to withstand sea waves so it prevents abrasion on the shoreline. Second, same like other plants, mangrove has the capability to absorb carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen which lowers the greenhouse gases. Last one, mangrove has the role as a “house” for several sea creatures and land creatures such as apes and birds.

Second solution is to start introducing plant-based into our diets. Plant-based diets produce less greenhouse gas emission, less land utilization and less water are used. Cattles, and other farm animals produce methane gas from their burps and manure. Because of that, it is reported farm animals are the largest contributor of livestock methane emissions because they produce the most methane per unit of feed consumed. Methane does have a significant effect on greenhouse gas because it reduces the oxygen level on the earth atmosphere.

Because of that, Carbonethics and Meatless creates a collaboration to combine the two solutions above to create a better world and people can #Eat Freely, Worry Free! For every 2 packs of Plant-Based Rendang bought in our store, you also planted one mangrove tree that will help to reduce carbondioxide emission and giving animals places to live. It means that you are significantly contributing for a better and healthier earth so in future years, we can still enjoy the beautiful scenery the earth gave to us.

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