Meatless Kingdom: The First Ready to Eat Plant-Based Food in Indonesia

Meatless Kingdom is one of Indonesia’s first start-up that introduce ready to eat plant-based foods. Established in 2016, we are trying to increase the market value of mushroom which is less exploited in Indonesia. Aiming to create healthy foods so consumer can eat freely without having concerns on destroying the environment and harming personal health.

From our aims, “Eat Freely, Worry Free” was born. The idea behind that motto is that you do not have to worry about choosing food. Choose our product so you can freely eat without worrying about harming the environment and health.

All of our product is 100% plant-based, high in protein and halal. Ready to Eat (RTE) product is our speciality where it comes in 2 different menu which are rendang and dendeng. All of the ingredients used in the process assembled high quality, tasty and healthy meat analogue. Our product can be found in organic stores, supermarkets and your favourite e-commerce.

7 September marks the day of Meatless Kingdom rebranding on logo, product and packaging. Rebranding is used to increase Brand Awareness and giving fresh new look for Meatless Kingdom.We also introduce new product which is Gepuk ready to eat that increase the fleet of current product.


We hope that with this rebranding and fine aging of company. All of dreams and hope of company will be fulfilled, becoming Indonesia’s largest company that drive on plant-based industry. Amen

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