Keuken 2022: A Culinary Festival

Sunday (28/08/22), Keuken event was held again after in Bandung that is located in Kiara Artha Park. After being postponed due to Covid 19 pandemic. Focusing on health, and having the tagline “Sunday Funday”, Keuken organizer choose this theme because of the pandemic, there is a raise of health quality in Indonesia, where people are trying harder to keep their body in prime condition.

Held from 9:00 to 21:00. Same as before, Keuken 11 still provides various of culinary dishes starting from appetizers, main course, desserts, and drinks that come from local entrepreneur in Bandung and its surrounding city.

PT Yasa Jamur Sriwijaya, also participated as one of the tenants in this event. Keuken main theme and our vision belongs in the same pathway which motivates us to join this event. Products that we sold in this event includes both Meatless and Mushome products. Mushome products are mushroom and nori chips, mushome box and mushroom stocks. Meatless products are Ready to Eat (RTE) rendang dan RTE dendeng.

This event is also a leap for us to conduct soft launching on the brand new rebranded Meatless Kingdom. We introduce new logo, packaging and product to the visitors. We also specially designed several menus for this event. The dishes are made with plant-based ingredients such as “chicken” kebab, “beef” burger and grilled bbq “beef” with French fries with the latter being customer’s favorite.

Free samples are also given to the visitors in the hope of introducing and opening the minds on the presence of plant-based food in Indonesia, especially in Bandung. So far, many visitors are still new regarding plant-based, so we hope by the presence of Meatless and Mushome, citizens can know more about plant-based and hopefully giving positive reaction.

Thank you for keuken for giving us the opportunity to participate in your event. Huge thank you for everyone involved for their enthusiasm and support. Hopefully we can meet again in another offline event! If you miss the excitement, you can check the highlight on Meatless Kingdom Instagram.

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