“Travelling” The World at Trade Expo Indonesia 2022

PT Yasa Jamur Sriwijaya, as one of the leading UKM in Cimahi participated in Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2022 as one of their representatives. The event is held on 19-23 October 2022, located in I

Bringing the theme of “Strengthening Global Trade for Stronger Recovery”, TEI 2022 aims to lift and accelerate the recovery of export post Covid-19 pandemic. Indonesia takes a lead role in keeping the momentum by ensuring the stability of global finance. Hence the theme has correlation with G20.

PT Yasa Jamur and Cimahi took this opportunity to promote the potent of Indonesian local product and service to the international market. Both industry and UMKM really took this chance very seriously.

During TEI, PT Yasa Jamur showcases product from both brands which are Meatless Kingdom and Mushome. Both of this brand focuses on lifting mushrooms, transforming it into plant-based foods that is more eco-friendly and healthier.

Meatless Kingdom product that is showcased consist of rendang, gepuk, dendeng manis and dendeng as “The First Indonesian Ready to Eat Plant-Based Food”. From the tagline, international customer is interested to buy and conducting export to their country because our product can last up to 1 year without refrigeration and it is ready to eat making it our unique selling point and our special characteristics.

Trade Expo Indonesia is indeed the main source of information for exporter, importer and trader to know the local product of Indonesia especially UKM and IKM which are rarely exposed. Beisdes that, traders can also negotiate and deal through “Business Matching” thus giving them chance to export their goods to the international market.

PT Yasa Jamur lately has exported products to Singapore and Malaysia. Currently we are trying to expand our network to the Middle East, and East Asia so you can easily find our products. Amen

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