Donald Watson: Pioneer of the Vegan Lifestyle

Donald Watson

Healthy Bestie, do you know who was the first to pioneer the vegan lifestyle? And which has since evolved into a healthy way of life for city dwellers?

Yup, who would have thought it was if a plant-based or vegan diet is closely related to the life of a carpenter in England.

In fact, a carpenter named Donald Watson in England coined the term “vegan” in 1944. In the same year, the new syllable “vegan” appeared and became synonymous with a completely plant-based diet.

Donald Watson initially adopted a vegetarian diet, which excludes meat but includes cow’s milk, eggs, yogurt, and cheese, Healthy Bestie. He was a pivotal role in the creation and early growth of veganism. Donald Watson (1910-2005) became a vegetarian in 1924. Later he joined and became secretary of the Leicester section of the Vegetarian Society.

The term ‘vegan’ stands for the values of nonviolence, societal awareness, and empathy without limitations or warnings. It’s a phrase that has come to represent a broad and inclusive attitude.
While it may be difficult to identify a philosophical forefather whose beliefs and ethics have been ingrained in every nonviolent peace movement, current and future vegans can turn to Watson as a vital stimulant for development and publication.
Watson suddenly found himself in the minority after deciding to become a vegetarian. Despite his parents’ disapproval, his siblings eventually became vegetarians, becoming alcoholics and conscientious objectors during the war. Watson’s mother remarked that she “felt like a hen hatching a duck’s egg” as a result of her son’s progressive politics.
But his name has now become synonymous with the creation of a new lifestyle, an apparently better eating practice that has become a way of life for many people.
As Healthy Bestie is aware, we also celebrate World Vegan Day together every November 1 to commemorate the Institute’s foundation. Therefore, World Vegan Month designated in November.

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