Fiber Creme collaborate with Meatless Kingdom create Sustainable and Healthy Rendang

Fiber Creme collaborate with Meatless Kingdom create Sustainable and Healthy Rendang

In recent years a healthy lifestyle has become a concern for some groups. Exercising, maintaining the body’s nutritional intake, some people even substitute their food ingredients for healthier foods. We all know that mushrooms are excellent protein substitutes which even often some vegans or vegetarians consumed back several years. This time Meatless Kingdom and Fiber Creme make it more come true.

collaborate with Meatless Kingdom create Sustainable and Healthy Rendang

PT Yasa Jamur Sriwijaya, which is a startup company has focused on producing processed mushroom and plant-based food products in Indonesia since 2016. Currently, this company has two main brands, namely Mushome and Meatless Kingdom.

Meatless Kingdom has several product variants that are excellent. One of them is Rendang, by replacing meat as the main ingredient with mushrooms. Moreover, with modern processing, Meatless Kingdom has succeeded in creating a food product with substitute ingredients. In addition, many healthy food enthusiasts love these products at this time.

Followed by the existence of other healthy products that have been popping up lately, PT. Lautan Natural Krimerindo, which became a leading company in food and beverage raw materials, especially in the material sector spray dried and powder premix. One of its superior products, Fiber Creme is a multi-purpose, low-sugar, and high-fiber creamer powder. It used as a creamer as well as an alternative to milk and a substitute for coconut milk.

Fiber Creme as a non-dairy healthy creamer have pleasant sensory attributes, but also contain high levels of fiber and are able to support a healthy diet. It adds richness to everyday meals and drinks while helping you meet your daily intake of fiber needs. Meatless Kingdom and Fiber Creme considered this is suitable for a collaboration.

Rendang Meatless Kingdom, which clearly requires coconut milk as one of its main ingredients, feels it is very suitable in this collaboration to replace it with Fiber Creme which is clearly an alternative product to replace milk or coconut milk.


This collacollaborate with Meatless Kingdom create Sustainable and Healthy Rendangboration will be realized in the performance agenda created by the Hannover Messe as a forum for the startups who make many innovations in the field of technology, such as food technology.

Hannover Messe is a trade show held annually in Hannover, Germany. The event totally attracts more than 5,000 exhibitors and more than 300,000 visitors from around the world. It is a commercial and cultural center and captivates with unique festivals. More and more business travelers and tourists appreciate this. Hannover is one of northern Germany’s leading economic areas and an internationally renowned location for trade shows and conferences.

We hope that Meatless Kingdom x Fiber Creme, which is currently collaborating, will get a good place in the hearts of visitors at this year’s Hannover Messe show.

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