Meatless Kingdom Goes on a “Ride” To Bandung Bike Festival 2022

Bandung Bike Festival 2022

Bandung Bike Festival (BBF) 2022, has been successfully held and it gave great and deep impression to the people involved that coordinate, sponsors and citizens that come to the event on 30 September – 1 October 2022 in Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro.

Different entertainment and activities are provided which includes street boxing, motorcycle contest and convoy, dancer on the street, bike fashion week, live music and last but not least is exhibition of dozens UMKM that are located in Greater Bandung. Because of that, Super Adventure fully support this event because Bandung Bike Festival mission is to lift the economy of the citizens especially on UMKM.

UMKM Exposure

PT Yasa Jamur Sriwijaya, as one of the invited UMKM, also enliven the exhibition by selling products from both Meatless Kingdom and Mushome. 3 specialty product of Meatless Kingdom includes rendang, sweet dendeng and spicy dendeng which becomes the top choice for us to introduce these products to the visitors. All Meatless Kingdom products are made of soy and mushrooms which makes us 100% plant-based. Besides that, our product can last up to 12 months and is ready to eat so it is very convenient.

Mushome products that became our choice includes mushome chips original, cheese and barbecue variant. We also brought original and salted egg nori chips to the event. Salted egg nori chips became our best seller in the exhibition due to its affordable price only Rp 30.000 backed up with delicious flavor become the main cause it became the best seller.

To make us easier introducing the products, we gave free samples to the bikers and the visitors that come to our booth. By giving free samples, we hope that they will be more open-minded with the presence of plant-based foods in Indonesia specifically in Bandung. There are some constraints when giving the samples because bikers rarely know about plant-based foods so there are some rejections. However, with persuasive action and influence from other bikers who are willing to try, most of them are interested to try the plant-based foods that we offer. We hope that with the presence of Meatless and Mushome, citizens can know more that plant-based foods have entered Indonesia’s market.


Words of Thank You

In the end, we like to thank HDCI (Harley Davidson Club Indonesia) and other sponsors that gave us the chance to participate in your event. Big thank you also given to all personnel that has reached out to our booth on the event. See you on the next offline event!

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